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Game Rules is a place for both new and experienced gamers to come together, learn, play and buy board games and collectible card games. The store is designed to be less overwhelming to the new gamer, while still satiating the needs of the veteran. In an ideal world, Forrest would have the time to teach a new game to every person who visits. But, until he cracks the code to inter-dimensional travel and finds more Forrests, the Game Rules Teacher Program will match each customer with other gamers who share a passion for teaching new games and expanding hobby gaming. The program was designed with the hands-on learners of the world in mind. You can learn a new game without having to read and interpret a rule book! Plus it’s a great way to meet new people that enjoy similar games! Visit our store and ask about the Game Rules Teacher Program to get started. Game Rules also hosts ladies’ events (run by ladies), children’s events, competitions, tournaments and other fun ways to learn and play games. 


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game rules teacher program

Come learn a new game! We are happy to help walk you through any game you are interested in!


novice program

Are you new to the world of gaming? No problem! Join us as we teach a new game each week.







Forrest is a gamer, through and through. He has been playing games ever since he could grip the pieces. Starting with Candyland® over 25 years ago, he has since advanced to many types of games (he plays both “Ameri-trash” and Euros). After playing the corporate game for too many years, he decided to marry his training with his passion, and with support of family and friends, created Game Rules.  Forrest envisions a well-maintained and welcoming store where patrons of all levels can learn, play, and buy games. He believes there’s a game out there for everyone - and that games enrich life in the modern world. His favorite parts of gaming are social interaction, competition, and escape from the TVs and computer screens that dominate everyday life. He loves teaching new games and new players, so come by and learn something new!

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